Xiaomi Launches Mi Band 4 with AMOLED Display and NFC Support

The annual ecosystem event was hosted by Xiaomi in China on Tuesday, where Xiaomi launched several smart home products and the most awaited device was the Mi Band 4. The 4th generation Mi Band 4 seems to be a big upgrade over the previous year’s Mi Band 3. Xiaomi’s fitness trackers have proven to be one of the most popular fitness brands in the market.

Design and Display :
Xioami launched the Mi Band 4 with a full-colour AMOLED display with 120 x 240 resolution. The display is said to be larger and brighter than the previous generation. The front screen of Mi Band 4 is protected with a layer of 2.5D curved glass. Xiaomi Band 4 is also capable of alerting its users with all kinds of notification which include WhatsApp messages, text messages, fitness details, and other things as well. It can be also connected to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Available Colours :
Xiaomi previous generation Mi Band 3 was only available in black colour but this time with Mi Band 4 it brings several colour options to the customers. Xiaomi has launched the Mi Band 4 in six different colours. We hope to see that in India also Xiaomi launches all six colour variants to attract more buyers.

Battery and Bluetooth:
Xiaomi this time has increased the battery by including a 135mAh battery in Mi Band 4 compared to previous Mi Band 3’s 110 mAh. The band is also said to last for 20 days of battery life on a single charge.

Payment Option (NFC) :
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes in three different variants – standard Mi Band 4, Mi Band 4 with NFC support and the Avengers Edition Mi Band 4. With NFC feature included, it will also users to make payments using the smart band which was not possible in the previous Mi Band generation. Users will need to swipe the screen to show QR code on Mi Band 4 to make payments.

Fitness and sensor features :
The Mi Band 4 comes with a six-axis accelerometer to help to track accuracy and also comes with 5ATM water resistant up to 50m and helps to recognize different swimming styles such as breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle. It also comes with all majors sensors such as heart rate, step and calorie counters and also supports sleep monitoring. It also includes a built-in microphone which enables new voice commands and Xiao AI voice assistant to control smart home appliances such as smartphones, air conditioners, Mi smart Led bulb and music playback and comes with 102 voice senses.

Prices :
The standard Mi Band 4 was priced at RMB 169 (approximately Rs 1,700) and the NFC version of Mi Band 4 is priced at RMB 229 9approximately Rs 2,300) and Avengers Edition Mi Band 4 comes at RMB 349 (approximately 3,500). Xiaomi has been pricing their wearable bands in India under Rs 2,000 and the scenario is going to continue same with Mi Band 4.

Comprehensively Xioami’s Mi Band 4 seems to be a great upgrade over the previous Mi Band 3 in terms of features, design, and display. Mi Band 4 is expected to hit the Indian market very soon.

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